The perfect birthday gift

      It's almost the bosses birthday and for the offspring it is always a little bit tricky buying that special present that is just that bit different.
      Flowers? A bottle of Sanatogen Tonic Wine? Wincarnis? A subscription to The Lady, puzzle books, a jigsaw or a maybe a collection of Mills and Boon?
      No way.
      This year it's a set of night vision goggles, and what a perfect present, it's an absolute flash of genius from the family.
      I can see how useful they'll be for the boss when she's up in the turret, me driving of course. Night patrols will have an added dimension and power cuts will hold no fear should the council decide to turn off the street lights to save money? Bring it on.
      Roll on those long winter nights, by then I'm sure we'll have worked out a multitude of new applications and uses. We can walk the dogs cross-country and in the dark.
      I think I'll start hinting for my birthday now, who needs after-shave.


  1. Ha ha, wonderfully eccentric ! I don't suppose you two go on cruises, wash your car on a Sunday morning or read the Daily Hail.

  2. No we don't, they don't even allow clay pigeon shooting on a cruise ship now. The cars are washed quarterly and when the sugar beet campaign is on probably not even quarterly. We certainly don't read the Daily Heil either. Shooting Times and The Field. ATB, John

  3. Thought not. I'll sleep easy tonight.

  4. This is very sinister, 'check yer email'. Right, I'll ring tomorrow morning after walking the dogs and a strong coffee. What a spymaster. A bollocking on the the blog. New batteries for the laser sight it is then.


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