This wheel's on fire

      There we were cruising along on the way home, me driving and the boss up in the turret, when there's a loud cry of 'conflagration!' The boss has obviously been playing too many word games on her iPad, a cry of fire would have done quite easily but obviously there are more points for thirteen letters.
      One of our local farmers had decided to burn his 'brash' heap and apparently the conditions were perfect. A steady south westerly wind had been drying out the wood and orchard trimmings so the firelighters, three small bales of straw, were inserted and we were away.
      A one match blaze, brilliant and in this case literally.
      The fire is still burning over twentyfour hours later so perhaps we should roast some potatoes.


  1. Rolling down the road..I like the Souixsie cover

  2. I like the version by The Band. Is it on Music from the Big Pink? OK, it's an age thing.

    1. See you at the Holy Grail tomorrow John. We will have the kettle on.

    2. ES has sent me the postcode and I'll leave at about 7o'clock all being well. John

  3. Strike a light! That old farmer boy looks like he is about to go up TT! Can't beat a good outside burn up - hope the neighbours got the washing in.................I like the Banshees version too. TTFN Dickie


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