A good day for it

      A beautiful day and the light breeze has the weathervane pointing to north but there is a promise from the weatherman of high winds later in the day.
      The rough shooter with his dog makes me want to fill my pockets with cartridges and go for a walk with the gun to see if we can get two or three pheasants for a casserole. The shooting motto here is take only what you need and no waste, if you do have a small surplus pass it on so that the surplus benefits someone else.
      The boss prefers hen pheasants for cooking, she reckons that they cook more tender than cock pheasants and the argument that if you were starving you would eat them carries no weight either.
      So, I already know that next weeks walk around enjoying the landscape will result in me putting only cock pheasants up on the wing.



  1. Blue sky ? Have seen that for a week or more. Yeah, rough shooting is the equivilent to roving on a wild river, whilst driven shooting is fishing a carp puddle. But more expensive.

  2. Bang on ES, sorry no pun intended. I used four cartridges last year for three pheasants over five long walks. Two miles or more taken over probably two hours or more. Those driven shoots are rubbish, mostly for the guns with all the gear and no idea, plus, the brilliant shots who like to look good.

    I dare some of them to walk up a pheasant that gets up thirty yards in front in a forty mph wind. Oops rant coming on. Even a £10k gun doesn't help then.

    Meanwhile a new drain tomorrow. I'll report back. Don't forget the addresses. ATB, John

  3. Just picked up half dozen sides of home smoked trout from my ex fishmonger mate. Left him a couple of trout and he gave me a couple of smoked teal. Thin sliced with skin on with a few glasses of white wine. Bloody lovely.


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