A map on a Monday

      The first of a series of linocut maps, all printed in monochrome, that were produced for a book produced by Caught by The River and called, appropriately, 'Caught by the river, A COLLECTION OF WORDS ON WATER'.
      The book was first published in 2009 and I cannot believe that six years have slipped by since I cut the blocks for the book.
      This particular linocut 'map' illustrated a chapter written by Chris Yates, angler, writer and photographer extraordinary, about fishing some of his favourite swims on the Dorset Stour for Perch.
      Next month there will be another map on Monday from the same series.


Dickie Straker said…
Fantastic John! I didn't know you did that, is the book still in print? What is very strange, very strange indeed is that your map is of my bit of the Stour!! Lovely stuff. TTFN Dickie
Dickie, if go to the Caught by the River site and look in their bookshop it should be there. ATB, John