A peck on which cheek?

      Well it's nearly Christmas so we decided to show one of those lovely traditional Christmas decorations, mistletoe.
      You see lots of it growing in the tops of poplar trees and always in incredibly inaccessible places. Well, the places where the mistletoe grows are accessible but dangerous to climb up to and to manoeuvre around grabbing handfuls of the stuff.
      But good news, if you are in the orchards where the fruit trees are a little more supportive and forgiving success can be yours. A farmer we know gave a couple of his trees a quick rub down with mistletoe berries a couple of years ago and lo and behold, to keep the phraseology Christmassy, here it is growing at really low level so anybody can grab a handful. Of mistletoe that is.
      Sadly the only birds that you can kiss around the orchard are white and feathered and they are called geese. Believe me they'll give you a bit more than a peck on the cheek. It would be a peck and a nip on your bum cheek.
      Even the two Jack Russell Terriers don't turn their backs on the geese.
      That says a lot.