All fall down

      A sudden and startlingly strong wind has laid waste to the apples that were still hanging in the orchard, and there are more strong winds promised at the weekend.
      The Golden Delicious, which really would be delicious at Christmas-time after a few more frosts, are pretty well all on the ground providing food for the birds, deer and inevitably the rats.
      The last of few of the Jonagold are hanging on for all they worth too but now they are three less in number because I picked some this morning to go with the cheese and bread at lunchtime.
      Strangely the two Jack Russells scavenge the Jonagold apples from the orchard floor and eat them. The only other apples they bother with in this way are the early Discovery, both varieties are tremendously juicy when they are ripe so maybe that is the crucial link. They taste like proper apples. Sadly the ritual of an apple a day, picked as the two Jack Russells are walked, will soon be all over.
      Perhaps we really should buy an apple press.


  1. Just think of all the cider going to waste. And the fruit juice of course.

  2. Lovely John. An apple press is well worth the pounds spent - The Captain got me a small Vigo press a few years ago, brilliant fun. You can freeze the juice. I don't use it as much as I should - nippers love it! Nothing left on our trees. Don't get me going on the cider or squitter as it is known in these parts!!! TTFN Dickie

  3. I love early, slightly sharp Discovery, but like early, sharp Cox even more. Got to be crisp and hard.


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