Door security

      This lovely, big black spider lives above the back door under the awning and he seems to be getting bigger and bigger, we'll measure him up against my finger in a month or so to see if he's put on a growth spurt.
      Cunningly, his webs have been spun near the outside light so all the insects that are attracted to the light provide him or her, with a come to me take-away service.
      In the spirit of the season he seems to have his Christmas sweater on too the black and brown markings do look a little Fair-isle in the patterning.
      The boss always goes out the back door looking both ways and up just to make sure he isn't dangling by a thread, if he was the scream would send him straight back up to his web and into his spider's bed.
      I wonder if he could give you a nip?


Bureboyblog said…
West Norfolk gate guardian.
I did pick one up when we lived in Sandhurst, told the boss not to be a Jessie and the bugger bit me. It came up like a wasp sting, bloody well hurt for about three days. Good door security or gate guardian, pike are pussy cats by comparison. Well maybe not. We'll find out tomorrow. John