Gloomy but happy, down by the river

      Now this may sound like a pathetic excuse but I was going to do some gardening today, Tuesday, but it was all rainy and wet and gloomy and you know how soil sticks and makes a mess so, obviously, I decided to head east again to the river.
      The logic seemed fine to me by the way and I'd done some lino-printing in the morning so it was with an almost clear conscience that I got my gear sorted out.

      The afternoon was unbelievably gloomy, and yet again the river was full of floating salad and unless the lock is opened into the tidal water the weed just drifts up and down, with the wind being the only influence. Just to make life extra difficult the old boat moorings were as slippery as hell, I may like the pike and perch but I don't want to get into the water with them.
      Seven lovely perch ranging from about a pound to one beauty of over two and a half pounds came to the net plus a good half dozen around the ten to twelve ounce mark too.
      Four pike were caught as well. The biggest was on the last cast with the very last bait and weighed just 22lb 10oz on the Avon Scales.
      Time for a beer and a toast to the river gods I think.


Another cracking session. Leave some for us.
Dickie Straker said…
Cor! What a smasher! Brilliant fish John and one I could only dream of - those perch look good fun too. Happy days! Ta v much for the book - splendid, have dropped you a line! Cheers and TTFN Dickie
Bureboyblog said…
Red letter day. The dgarden will always be there tomorrow.