Hole in the ice. Pike and Pisces

Two Christmas cards from The Two Terriers

Hole in the ice

      A very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016 to everyone who reads the blog.
     The two Jack Russells, Minnow and Barney, are patiently waiting for TT to pack up and go home for a beer in front of the fire, the emphasis being on 'in front of the fire'. Meanwhile the pike, perch and zander sleep under the ice watching and waiting for the thaw.
      The pike float at the edge of the hole in the ice doesn't move, in fact it's probably frozen in because the hole is getting smaller and smaller.
      Bible John must be tucked up in one of the canal boats sitting next to the wood burner  or warming his hands around a candle while writing a cheery sermon on the excesses of Christmas, alcohol and the values of an austere and simple lifestyle.
      For goodness sake pass me another beer.

Pike and Pisces


Bureboyblog said…
Lovely stuff John. Christmas greetings to you and Sue
Anonymous said…
Happy Christmas John. Thank you for another year of great entertainment and even better art.