It's in here somewhere

      Old and neglected barns and workshops are like a treasure chest full of practical and useful things that might just come in handy one day, well that's the theory anyway.
      Spanners, chisels, wrenches, steel rod, washers, wire, nuts and bolts and generally loads of stuff. The surprising thing is that when I wander across to the farmer and say 'have you got a…' he invariably rummages around and finds something that solves the problem to perfection.
      The old attitude of never throw anything away because it will come in useful at sometime or another certainly holds true.
      Well it certainly does with farmers. And we're still puzzled about the sunglasses.


  1. Good pair of shades in there TT! Might come in handy when sifting through the pile. Cracking perch by the way, what a fish! Tight lines, Dickie


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