Safe to surf

       It's Saturday and there's a little bit of a blow going on, the wind is fair howling out of the South West and I wouldn't like to be in a boat on the Sixteen Foot never mind the North Sea.
      This is the view looking down the Sixteen Foot Drain at the junction with a slightly calmer Popham's Eau, which is on your right. The two drains merge to form the Middle Level Main Drain which continues behind the camera.
      The waves are more than a foot high high at this point, but only because there was lull in the blow, just the day for fishing with a crow quill. Then the wind came back stronger than ever whipping the water into a froth.
      Never mind there's always tomorrow. Wait a minute, the forecast is for even stronger winds?
      Better get the surfboard out.


  1. Straigt as dies. That is a fair old blow.

  2. Blowing so hard you could feel the back end of the car lift. Just walking felt like riding a bike uphill. Bloody dangerous, all being well I'll be out tomorrow. John


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