Save the last pike for me

      A mid-week afternoon and couple of hours spent out on the lonely fen pike fishing. 
      The wind was blowing so hard from the south west that I had to collapse the landing net to move around, it was that or fly away parachute style, and the strength of the howling gale put a lovely curve in the rod while I was fishing. It's fair to say it was quite windy.
     Bites on the wobbled dead roach were incredibly difficult to feel through the line and the rod and although five pike were caught, three jacks and two bigger fish in double figures, I know I missed as many takes in the very rough conditions.
     After about two and a half hours I packed in, my ears ringing from the white noise and constant roaring of the wind. That's the last pike fishing expedition of the year that was 2015, so we'll have to wait and see just what 2016 brings at the weekend.
     Hopefully, for starters, it will be some slightly calmer weather.


  1. The Pikemaster does it again! Lovely stuff John, weather has been bonkers! Hope you are having a good festive break - Happy NY to you and all good fishes for 2016 - TTFN Dickie


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