Sergeants back on parade

      A quick trip down to the drain this afternoon for a couple of hours fishing by some old moorings east of the village. The session wasn't much more than a couple of hours either, because it was all but dark by four o'clock and half an hour of the session was spent catching some lovely fresh bait.
      However the short session ended up being a memorable one and good one.
      Four Pike up to around eight pounds, two pike lost and one run missed. Then to round the short session off, a beautiful three pound eleven ounce Perch.
      What is there not to like about a fish like that and a truly muscle-bound looking specimen it was too, the colour of the fins was simply fantastic.
      I love big Perch.
      Tonight a happy angler will enjoy his beer, then to bed and to dream of more big Perch.
      Well you can but dream.


  1. No fish looks bigger than a big perch. Nice one John

  2. I was convinced he would make 4lb, he should have eaten some more roach and rudd. As I said I'm happy with that. The bait fish are beginning to gather in shoals and the water is a little more coloured. In the New Year when you and ES come up it should be fishing well. Boats equal baitfish equal predators.

  3. That is a real corker, what a fish. Great session. Definitely up for a session in TT land. "The biggest fish of all" indeed.


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