West Norfolk Oak

      We've seen this tree in all kinds of light and weather conditions and driven past it countless times. Our favourite weather condition is fog.
      We saw the tree one day, in winter, looming out of the fog with probably a hundred rooks or more roosting in its branches. We raced home, well as much as the fog would let us, grabbed the camera and when we finally reached the tree the fog had lifted and the rooks had gone. Never mind, we've decided to photograph the tree in the way that we obsess with the transformer box at the back of the house. Sad we know.
      Perhaps we need to get out more, apart from photographing the oak tree that is. Prize Bingo in the village hall, says the boss. I think not.
      I'd rather be pike fishing, or shooting, or walking the two Jack Russells. OK, we'll compromise and have a bottle of wine.


Dickie Straker said…
The mighty oak! Nothing sad about that John, I have similar features in the landscape like you - it's December and I still have bumblebees flying like billy oh from their nest here, bizzare! TTFN Dickie ps - thanks for the card, lovely, card of the year!!
Bureboyblog said…
Don't we all have a favourite tree?
Mine could be the Royal Oak...