West Norfolk topiary

      Maybe it is a new craze that is sweeping into West Norfolk, no that's an exaggeration but there does seem to be more people indulging themselves in a little topiary.
      And why not?
      We've had the street number topiarist and now we've got the screw thread topiarist. Mind you I think this little example of the topiarists art is more like a 'cream horn' stood on its end, although how you interpret modern artwork is up to you and that is part of the charm.
      I've had a few ideas for the box hedge in the front garden but the Boss says if I do start 'adapting' the bushes and circumcising some of them it's divorce.
      No sense of fun and frolic, and watching the Draughtsman's contract won't help either.
      We'll just have to see what I can do with the Christmas lights then.
      Ho ho ho.