A map on a Monday

      Here's the second of a series of linocut maps, all printed in monochrome, that were produced for a book produced by Caught by The River and called, appropriately, 'Caught by the river, A COLLECTION OF WORDS ON WATER', the book was first published in 2009. 
      This linocut 'map' illustrates a chapter written by Chris Watson about making a recording, or sound picture if you like, of the River Coquet in Northumberland from the river's source high on the Cheviot Hills to the estuary at Warkworth. If you read the book, and this chapter in particular, you will see the name of a place called 'Murder Cleugh' which should be at top right.
      I missed the last 'r' off the word murder and it had to be stripped into the linocut later. Now you know, murder mystery solved.
      Next month there will be another map on a Monday from the same series.