Dawn gets it on

      It was early morning yesterday and dawn made a real effort and what a sunrise we got; all the reds, oranges, pinks, blacks, blues and purples you could ever want.
      While the two Jack Russells were having their morning pee and root around the back garden I just stood on the back step drinking my tea and watching the sensational sunrise develop. Call the spectacle what you like: awesome, fantastic, awe-inspiring it was just brilliant.
      Below is another sunrise from last week, it's not quite as pyrotechnic and over the top as the sky above but still rather lovely.
      It just shows you what you can miss when you have a lie-in.


  1. Lovely John! We have one of those this morning - it's bloody hard work getting our BT's out for a pee with frost on the ground or if it's raining - so stubborn! Enjoying your pike tales - TTFN Dickie


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