Norfolk's finest bog door blue

      This time our most favourite heritage colour is on an old and abandoned water pump housing and it is positively glowing. Can a blue glow?
      Well, obviously this one can, it's positively vivid.
      The rust is a lovely counterpoint to the dominance of the blue  and shows the NBDB to its best advantage, although a flash of sunshine did help. For the connoisseur of metalwork there are some really nice welds in there too.
      We particularly liked the strange membrane that stretches vertically, could be a little piece of work from and industrious spider or it could be ectoplasm, or even aliens?
      And why not?
      We are in West Norfolk after all.


  1. Your life's work that chasing down every last drop off that bog door blue...

  2. It is an unfinished symphony. The lost chord.


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