Slipping slowly away

      Once upon a time it was somebody's pride and joy, loved and cared for in the first flush of excited ownership now the drain it used to be sailed, rowed or fished from is claiming it back, it's definitely seen better days.
      A bit like you then says the boss.
      I've caught some nice perch just a few feet out from this baitfish shelter and I'll be sorry to see it finally go. I can't tell whether it is made from fibreglass or wood and I don't think that it is in anyway restorable, in fact if you pulled all of the dead vegetation out of it I think it would probably slide from view underneath the surface.
      The boss says don't even think about it, you haven't even got a Nissen Hut of your own to complete the job in. So if I had a Nissen Hut…?
      The boss says no.


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