The crow's nest

      Why do they always perch right up at the very top of a high tree when the wind is blowing a gale? In this case the birds are not crows but those sociable rooks. Rooks do nest in their noisy rookeries up in the tops of trees so it shouldn't really come as a surprise.
      We've got a massive rookery in the village and no doubt these birds are part of that huge colony, there are hundreds of rooks living there and we hear their noisy progress in the mornings and evenings as they fly to and from whichever huge field they are feeding on.
      They're quite likeable birds for me, unlike the murderous carrion crows, and their aerobatics are a treat to watch too so keep it up my black friends.
      And don't forget that if you see one rook it's a crow and if you see two or three crows they're rooks.


  1. They love a big wind. Like seeing them decide where to roost for the night along the Bure


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