They'll keep you regular

      Here's a tasty treat for those who enjoy foraging for their food. West Norfolk air dried prunes.
      For those who love foraging they can be found in any orchard where plums grow but because there are very few plums left on the trees after the harvest they are a truly premium crop. Air and weather dried plums, prunes if you will, with a guaranteed premium prune effect.
      Give them a bit of a soak in fresh orange juice or better still some brandy and you have the perfect replacement for sennacott. They must be good because the fieldfares and redwings never touch them, a sure sign of quality.
      Just remember that they are not so much a pick-you-up but more of a sit-you-down.
      I think I'd prefer some cloudy bitter.


  1. You must be able to rustle up sme atisan packaging and flog them to the Burham set..

  2. I deleted the text about the 'Burnham Set', they would go well in a deli up there...

  3. Don't get me started! They drive me bloody crackers....Boden, sparkling Chelsea tractors and pretend boho!! Thankfully in very small numbers round here. Exploit the market TT and flog em to the simpletons. TTFN Dickie


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