Will it be a good year?

      It was a damp and drizzly Wednesday afternoon with no breeze and there were only two hours of daylight left when I finally got to the drain to fish.
      Within half an hour the first pike of 2016 was landed, not a big fish but a lean and hungry jack pike, that fish was followed by two other pike and a small perch of about twelve ounces. I don't know how the perch do it but he gobbled up a frozen roach that was at least half his body weight, impressive. Maybe that morsel would have kept him going until the Spring, either way it was an example of ambitious feeding, he went back in the drain to no doubt continue his dietary feeding plan.

      The drain was calm, in fact it was like a mirror, what I would call conditions that are too perfect. Never mind you can only fish what is in front of you so it was a walk down to the derelict moorings and boats to see what was happening.
      All-in-all it wasn't a brilliant few hours fishing, maybe a breeze would have improved things, but I'm certainly not complaining. As I was packing-up and preparing to walk back to the car the silver fish were dimpling the surface of the drain oblivious to the light road traffic on the other side, but there was no sign of the predators moving on to the potential feast.
      Maybe it will be different at the end of the week.


  1. Well done TT! Flat calm or as flat as a witches tit as a pal of mine takes great delight in saying - I caught a huge perch once on a deadbait that only the greedy would look at they - they really are hard perch, rock hard! Cold snap coming, ttfn Dickie

  2. You're spoilt TT, seems a reliable spot.

  3. ES, how are you and BB fixed for strip to Fenland in the first week in February? They're starting the Boss' new kitchen on Monday so that will be three weeks of chaos. Can you do two visits before the end of the season? John

  4. Yes early Feb good for me. And yes two trips would be great. Just give me the dates abd I'll put them in the diary. Cheers.


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