Brass monkeys and perch

      Saturday afternoon, the lazy wind is blowing and it's absolutely bloody freezing. Again.
      I'd decided to try for the perch that hang around the old landing stages and boats. The selected bait was big juicy lobworms from the garden, the conditions weren't the best for float fishing but sergeant spiny obliged as he always seems to although the really big ones were hiding in the reeds or just being bored in a perch-like manner.
      Countless bites were missed because of the waves but sixteen perch were caught, the largest about one pound and the rest in the ten to twelve ounce category. I'm happy with any perch, little or large, and in those conditions every fish was a bonus.

      As always when you are perch fishing you inevitably catch one tiny perch, a little perch that manages to set about a lobworm almost as long as he is with a greedy tenacity that is quite baffling. Never content with taking a nip off the end of the worm and chewing it properly this little fellow fills his mouth and hangs on not wanting to let go of his feast and the whole lot, hook and worm just falls out when he is in your hand. Lovely red fins though.
      While we are talking of a bonus so was the pike that took a dead roach fished up against the reeds on the opposite bank. The fish was very sleepy and only really woke up when he felt the net envelop him.
      Thank goodness Middlesbrough weren't playing or they would have spoilt the day by losing.


  1. That first reel is beautiful - what make is it, please?

  2. The reel is the same in both pictures, just the light conditions are different and the top picture is closer to the real finish. No pun intended.

    The reel was hand-made by The Mill Tackle Company in Redditch. Gary Mills used to work for J.W. Young and now works for himself. Look him up on the web, he is a true precision engineer making things by hand and I think he has been commissioned to make precision surgical equipment too.

    The reel is called the Fred J. Taylor trotting reel and is No.59 out of 100. Needless to say I love it.

    All the best, John

    1. I've just had a look at the website - those reels are a work of art - sadly my angling skills wouldn't do them justice...

    2. They are a beautiful piece of work and a joy to use. John

  3. Sorry Absinthe, I forgot the Shimano was on there too. I'll take my pills now. John

  4. Lovely stuff TT! The wind is indeed lazy and biting - do I spot a bit of cane there ? Tight lines, Dickie ps Boro the team with all the dosh and aspirations at the moment - going for the big Prem Push!!

  5. Yes, a bit of cane alright, an Avocet. Lovely rod, the perch special!

    ATB, John

  6. Get your man servant to pre bait my perch swim with a thousand chopped lobs per day for a week before our next visit, would you. Goold old chap. Toodle pip.


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