Dawn is developing nicely

       It's just before sunrise and as always I stagger downstairs and put the kettle or coffee pot on depending on the mood of the moment.
       The two Jack Russell Terriers are pushed out for their pee, then you look up and there she is pulling on her red and black finery behind our favourite transformer box, good old dawn, discrete as always.

      This morning dawn put on quite a show and the photographs of her reverse strip tease were taken just a couple of minutes apart.
      Then, before you know it, the dogs are barking and jumping at the back door, fully awake full of hell and in need of their breakfast.
      Hard luck Minnow and Barney, form a disorderly line and get in the queue please, I need a cup of tea as quickly as possible and remember 'red sky in the morning' and all that.


  1. BB, Dawn is much better than sunset. It really is worth getting out of bed for.


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