Not one, not two, but free

      In fact there are about two hundred free hyacinths, all in the pink and the same amount of blue ones are due to follow later this week.
      They are in fact classed as failures, a bit too small and inconsistent on a pot-by-pot basis, certainly not good enough to sell, and they would have ended up just being thrown away or going on the compost heap. Then the grower suggested they would flower just beautifully in the garden next year and would we like them for nothing. Yes, we would, obviously.
      The price was just right and we've given them a home,  we've planted them all and hopefully they'll flourish and put on a good show next spring.
      They don't look to bad now, never mind next spring.


  1. Lucky you! I think the smaller hyacinth blooms are prettier.

  2. We are lucky, the same grower has given us daffodils too along with Morello Cherry tress, Medlar and quince. I give him pigeons, for pies(!), and some prints. bartering is a good system.

  3. Wow! That is a good deal John - splendid colour. Planning a garden re-vamp at this very moment - corrugated man shed, raised beds and some new trees. Medlar and quince are on my list! Oh to have a few acres!! TTFN Dickie

  4. Pies and prints! Now what would I have to interest you?


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