Sawn and split. Just add seasoning

      Just a little bit more than half of the mighty pile of free firewood comprising Alder, Poplar and Willow, has now been sawn to length and split. I say free but it did cost a litre bottle of The Famous Grouse, that's near enough to being free for us.
      The power of the vintage Ferguson tractor driving the saw bed complete with a blade that is one metre in diameter makes short work of the logs. However the next sawing session will be much harder than the first because the logs that remain are much larger and much heavier.
      Why do we always save the hardest to handle, heaviest and worst work until last? Human nature I suppose.

      The hydraulically powered log splitter running off the power of an old red Massey Ferguson tractor is a brilliant bit of kit too. The pressure from 1,500 pounds per square inch splitter takes absolutely no prisoners and the logs, even the knottiest  and hardest wood, simply give way under its power. Believe me it's a lot easier than using a splitting axe.
      Next comes the fun part.
      There is about to be an outbreak of OCD/Zen log stacking to get the timber seasoned and ready for burning.
      Watch this space.


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