Slow rain, fast perch

       A lazy afternoon perch fishing after a week of stacking wood, happily fishing in the slow but steady rain and inevitably that bloody wind. This winter when I am out fishing on the fen it doesn't seem to have stopped blowing, it's always blowing, well it is except on the those days when I am not fishing.
      The target for today are the perch but with a sneaky deadbeat out for pike, well it would be rude not to. Meanwhile the wind blew and blew making your ears ring with white noise I saw the farmer and he said 'when you've had enough come and have a beer you daft bugger, this is idiot weather'. He's not wrong.
      Despite the prophesies of doom I caught two pike, one a lovely double figure fish, and so many perch on lobworm that I lost count at around the fourteen fish mark but they were hard earned. None of them were big perch the biggest was probably 12 ounces or at most a pound but any perch always seems big, they really are the Jack Russell Terriers of the drain.

      As always in amongst the larger perch there is always one small perch who wants to weigh at least a couple of pounds by the end of the week. This particular perch had eaten a double lobworm offering and returned two freshly consumed dead roach. Where do they put it all? Perhaps he really will weigh two pounds by the end of the week and if he does he'll be as full as Mr Creosote.

      The two pike? They truly were a bonus, both of them gobbled up a drifted frozen roach and both of them were beginning to pack on some solid muscle too so it should be an interesting last couple of weeks in the run up to the end of the season.
      Now there's an awful thought.


  1. If you invite us down before the end of the season I promise a better fry up than Mak managed. With Daddies sauce too.


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