Wind strengthening to gale force and then some

      It was  a little bit blowy on Saturday lunchtime when I set off for the Fen to do, or should I say attempt, some pike fishing.
      When I arrived I could barely open the car door, the wind howled and the drain did not look in the least inviting. Please note the angle of the reeds in the foreground, and I was in a 'sheltered' spot.

      I should have taken the hint and left as soon as I had surveyed the drain but you have to have a bait in the water to catch fish. After two hours I caught the smallest pike I have ever caught, 10" in length and it took a four ounce frozen roach, it wasn't even hooked, the bait was stuck fast in the fishes mouth but at least it was a pike.
      Back at the old landing stage I fished a small frozen roach a yard out and 'Sergeant Spiny' obliged, in fact lots of them obliged. The perch weren't big, the largest maybe 12ozs if you were lucky, but they fought like stripy tigers and turned the last hour into a fun but stormy session. I do like perch.

      Sunday morning and the sun is shining so while sorting the front garden out I've been collecting worms, big worms, for a session after perch this coming week but the pike gear will be in the car just in case. I not only like perch but I like an optimistic plan as well, here's a perch getting a gill-flaring, spiky fin-up strop on before going back into the drain.


  1. Can't beat a good old Sgt Stripey, great stuff TT - brave you east coast boys venturing out in weather like that - hope you had your thermals and a flask - I have done a lot of fireside fishing!! TTFN Dickie

  2. You always did like a bit of rum. bum and 'bacca.


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