Work in progress and complete

      The first of a new series prints on the press, and shown here as a second printing with a different format and more colour than the previous set of eight. At this stage there are five more colours to print on the landscape featuring an old bungalow at the end of a long dyke where it turns sharp right on its journey to the Middle Level Main Drain.
      There are fish in the dyke which is about twelve feet wide and four feet deep. They are mainly small roach, rudd and perch along with the odd small skimmer bream and eels. You wouldn't really believe there were fish in this four foot deep channel but we do find fins and scales on the headland path so it certainly provides a breakfast or supper for the heron on occasions.
     Now back to mixing ink and here is the completed seven colour linocut called 'Sunset house' four days later.


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