You can never have enough

      The logging operation continues and now a double layer have been stacked in front of the big shed and they are stacked down the side of the small shed too.
      Anyone with a log pile or stack never turns down the chance of more logs, particularly when this load, and those stacked previously, only cost the price of a litre bottle of Famous Grouse whisky. Bargain.
      The two trees that they came from only came down last September so now they're sawn and split they'll season nicely through the coming year and be ready for burning late in the autumn in 2017.
      Meanwhile there are more coming next week, you can never have enough.


  1. Very impressive......wish I had a log burner.

  2. ES, wouldn't be without the burner, a Swedish marvel, it warms the whole house. It's not blonde though…

    I'd better stack some more wood before fishing this pm. John

  3. Blimey! A pile to be proud of TT - I bet you have a copy of that Norwegian wood book? Plenty of log pile porn in there - can't get enough! TTFN Dickie

  4. Dickie that is only one of them. As ZZ Top said, I woke this morning with wood. Seriously I've just added more… pictures to follow plus todays angling exploits. Time for a beer in front of the wood burner. Of course. ATB, John

  5. PS, I have the book. forget Rossini, a pike woodpile is needed! John


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