A sense of order begins to appear

      This Spring Wheat was only drilled a couple of weeks ago and already, despite some really cold weather, it is up through the ground and showing some parade ground order. Discipline is appearing across the acres of farmland, we saw onions being sown a few days ago, and it won't be long before there are neat furrows as the first potatoes are planted.
      The thought of the first new potatoes from one of our retired farmer friends has us salivating at the thought but we'll have to wait a couple of months for that pleasure.
      In another two or three weeks the field will be totally green and rapidly catching up with the wheat that was sown as Winter Wheat weeks before Christmas.
      The seasons are visibly turning again and time is marching on. Can we just have it a little warmer please.


  1. Go West young man and turn that sod and raise that homestead.

  2. Trouble is BB you get to Birmingham and Coventry… Stay in the East I say.

  3. But Eastwards on that good ol' Route A47 takes you to the horrors of what we loocals call
    Yarcoo. Never mind The Lotus Eaters, it is home of The Chip Eaters.


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