Back to the 1960's

      A 1960's poster for a concert, or was it a happening, at the Round House. This original is a little bit knackered, faded and torn but there's an anarchic feel to it that flew in the face of conventional design. 
      Those heady and colourful days that were the 1960s, now when you see the bands from the day on the television the film is all black, white and grey and it all looks rather drab in any newsreel from that era but it was colourful.
      Particularly after a few, er, beers.
      Meanwhile there are a few bands to check out. I remember Zoot Money when he had The Big Roll Band never mind a light show and Jeff Beck is still going. The Social Deviants? I don't remember them.
      Sadly I don't remember Contessa Veronica either, maybe she was dancing pretty well starkers in front of Mark Boyle's New Sensual Laboratory light show.
      That's the trouble with too many beers…


  1. Definitely a happening John! Wow! What a poster - did you know Andy Summers (later of The Police) played with DT? Good job it wasn't old "know it all" Sting, I wouldn't have been happy about that! That poster must be worth a fortune.........all the best Dickie


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