Barney and bangers

      We were just trundling along a field headland with the two Jack Russell Terriers, Minnow and Barney, when there are a pair of flashes and bangs plus a little bit of smoke. Minnow doesn't pay any attention to the commotion but Barney sets off at warp factor seven in the direction he's pointing, basically to get as much distance between him and the source of the two bangs as he can.
      The noise came from a rope of bangers lit by the farmer to simulate the sound of both barrels on a shotgun and scare off the pigeons and crows decimating the seeds that he has just drilled on the field behind. The bangers themselves are not that big, about the size of a .410 long cartridge but they do deliver a fair old crack when they go off.
      The banger rope will be in a different place on the field tomorrow so hopefully I won't need to carry one frightened Jack Russell past it and that's only after I've caught him and tucked him under my arm.