Filling up but not full up

      That was a good days rain on Wednesday, a steady deluge from midnight on Tuesday right through to six on Wednesday evening, the rainfall gave a reading of 22.5mm on the rain gauge and another 3.6mm fell after midnight into Thursday morning and here you can plainly see the result.
      The dyke had been steadily filling and the land drains have been running for about six weeks but yesterday's downpour has increased the level dramatically, to a depth of over seven feet in the middle.
      The plank dam now has overspill running and splashing over the top plank and heading for the Middle Level Main Drain so by this evening this water level will have dropped by a foot or so and the dyke will be back to its retained level for irrigation during the summer.
      Meanwhile the land drains will continue to run as the land gives up the water but those terracotta drainage pipes are now emerging three or four feet below the water level in the dyke so water pressure will hold the drainage back for a while.


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