Hello blackberry gin

      During the blackberry season last autumn the boss made jam and jelly and pies, the fruit grows all over the farmers orchard intertwined with old apple and pear trees and the brambles just get on with producing a bumper crop, plenty for us and plenty for the wildlife too. But what do you with the massive surplus?
      A little lateral alcoholic thinking from the boss and hey presto, not sloe gin but blackberry or bramble gin. Brilliant, except that it got forgotten at the back of cupboard and was 're-discovered' last week.
      Now it has been bottled and some of the soaked fruit eaten but the rest of the gin soaked fruit is now in a 2litre Kilner Jar for a month or so soaking in medium sherry.
      That should be interesting when it's bottled and the fruit can then go into pancakes, or ice cream, or cakes, or just my mouth.


  1. Nature's bountifull harvest John. Thnk I'll be trying ginger in some sort of spirit other than rum, but whilst I am there.. will try and grow some ginger from a lump on a sunny windowsill for it. Bob Flowerdew reckons it's a goer.

    Somethingfor the hip flask.


  2. It is delicious, someone had to volunteer to test it… John

    PS tried growing ginger years ago but we got lots of leaf but not a lot else. Bob Flowerdew probably smokes it.


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