The owl's services

      The Tawny Owls have taken to using the old Nissen Hut as their resting point between snacks.
      On the left are pellets from the Tawny Owls and on the far right pellets from the Little Owls with some medium sized pellets from the Barn Owls in between. All of the owls seem to rest up here and regurgitate a few pellets of fur and bone that look like dog turds but the Tawny owl pellets are huge, they are over an inch long with some of them reaching two inches. Once the pellet is up it's a quick crap on the floor, giving it a swift whitewash, and fully refreshed from their sojourn at the owl version of the motorway services they head off on the hunt for more small furry protein.
      The Little Owls seemed as if they had returned to take up residence and nest again but the Barn Owls made them a bit twitchy and the Tawny Owls seem to have scared every type of owl off. It must be a size thing because the Little Owls used to nest in the double skinned roof, a space no Tawny or Barn Owl could even dream of getting into.
      Obviously that's the way it is in owl world.


  1. Good book The Owl Service TT! This looks like the owls version of the Bristol Stool Chart - I would say separate hard lumps = very constipated for those on the window ledge and liquid consistency with no solid pieces = inflammation for the white splat. I'll get my coat, TTFN Dickie .

  2. The lumps on the window ledge are the pellets of fur and bone. Quite interesting when you soak them apart. The grandsons think that is great needless to say. John


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