The underwater forests are growing

      Some signal has been automatically sent out and despite the icy water, the gelatine-like films of ice on the surface on most mornings, the forests of weed are growing up through the crystal clear water in the dykes.
      The dykes are very full and our nearest farmer has his plank dam in place to hold back water so that the ducks can nest safely, the frogs and newts can do their thing and the fish have some protection from the herons and cormorants. Not forgetting all the bugs and insects that live in the weed and silt.
      The floating debris comes from the dyke sides where the reed was cut back in the autumn, as the water rises and the wind blows it accumulates on the surface, after a while it sinks to the bottom and helps fertilise the bed of the dyke for new reed and weed growth.
      The cycles and seasons roll on.


  1. John, it's really strange how natures calendar works - I was pulling up green and newly grown weed on the last day, temp doesn't seem to come into it. Mysterious! TTFN Dickie

  2. Enjoyed the Zanderand piece John. Yes, weed on the March here as well.


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