Fenland textures, again

      A lovely sunny April morning and as we trundle round the orchard with the two Jack Russell Terriers the reeds are positively glowing, and depending on the angle that the sun strikes them the colours change too.
      Nobody seems to harvest this reed form anymore but we believe they were used for some thatching and for roofing haystacks to keep the hay just that little bit drier, no doubt they were used for animal bedding too.

      One application that they are good for is making reed pens and when the nib of the the pen wears cut it back or make a new pen from a piece of fresh reed, you can even make fishing floats with them too.
      Good old Mother Nature, not only quills but reeds too. And there's more potential pens in that reed bed than you could use in a lifetime.


  1. Love the traditional pocket knive,is it a Trevor ablet?


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