I want to break free

      Great news, Steve the skeleton in the village, has overcome his dose of influenza ditched the Lemsip, hot water bottle and dressing gown and he's looking good in fact he's looking a little Freddie Mercury.
      Maybe he's having some gender issues or perhaps he just likes dressing up in women's clothes to do the spring cleaning. We'll settle for him simply showing his feminine side but nonetheless he does appear to be developing nicely, for a skeleton.
      As always his favourite rodents are still there, great big black rats around his rather worn but still quite foxy, black peep toe stilettos. You can tell he doesn't have any Jack Russell Terriers as pets.
      For some strange reason the boss says it is time for my calming infusion and tablets before my imagination gives me too many ideas about cleaning ladies for the domestic suggestion box.


  1. Told you those scarecrows would get his dander up

  2. I like skinny women, but that's ridiculous.


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