It must be spring

      Yes, it must be springtime because it's not just the spring flowers that are lighting up the landscape but those little cheery slices of that well known heritage hue Norfolk Bog Door Blue are glowing away in the bright sunlight too.
      Obviously this fine and painterly example of the heritage colour has a small amount of weathering but it is still looking good and would brighten up anybody's day, in fact it did, it brightened mine.
     The piece of old fencing has more than a hint of abstract expressionism about it, or maybe a little Mondrian influence, or perhaps Elsworth Kelly but we prefer not go all Islington and arty about it.
     It is a slice of blue fencing, Norfolk Bog Door Blue fencing, and it's the colour that matters.


  1. Stick an artisan in the name and Farrow and Ball would be splashing it all over the Burnhams.

  2. It would be like rash, something like… 'bruise blue' or 'veined nose'. I'm emailing Farrow and Ball right now with that name.


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