It's all over now Bog Door Blue

      What an absolute cheek. Somebody, some nameless person, had a bit of spare blue paint and painted over the original Norfolk Bog Door Blue paint that you can plainly see peeping through that rather common and lurid bright blue on top.
      We love a bit of fading and weathering at the Two Terriers, even looking in a mirror reminds us of fading and weathering, so thankfully the weather and sunshine is doing the hard work and slowly revealing the right blue. The temptation is to click a little bit more off with the pocket knife as we go past but we'll let the weather and climate do its work and resist any urges to speed the process up.
      I think we may have to pop a note through that letterbox though.


  1. You seem to be true wabi sabi enthusias.
    I love it also.

  2. The knife is a Trevor Ablet, I've got two! Nothing like a Lambs Foot blade. John

  3. My dad still carries a pocket knife....


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