Moonscape conversion

      The big potato planting machinery came and went in under two days, power harrowing, planting and furrowing over thirty acres with GPS precision, giving an accuracy of between five and ten centimetres to plant spuds. Not like your average allotment or back garden.
      We were wondering what variety of potato would be planted expecting to see Maris Bard or King Edward but it turns out they are a new variety called Agri, needless to say we are looking forward to tasting them. One small six acre field has been planted exclusively for seed potatoes and they will be used for growing next years crops.
      The only question remaining is what colour will the flower be? Pink, white or lavender?
      Meanwhile Minnow, one of our rat slaying Parson Jack Russells, is totally unimpressed with the Buddhist precision of the planting because the field is now a rat free zone.


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