Old and wrinkled

      No we are not talking about ourselves, the subject we are talking about here are some remaining Golden Delicious apples that are still on the lower branches on the trees in the orchard.
      Despite the wind, gales, rain, frost and generally getting older and losing their grip these apples and quite few others are still hanging on for all they are worth, which isn't a lot.
      Already the plum blossom is beginning to show so it can't be long before we get blossom and bud burst on the apple trees and then the few dogged apples remaining must fall to the ground.
      Down on the ground the rats are feasting on the last windfalls from these trees, I hope they enjoy their hangover because the apples on the ground smell as if they have been fermenting thanks to some of the warmer days we've had.
      Stop press. One of the two Jack Russell Terriers nicked them both while he was out on his morning walk, standby for dog wind from the lovely Barney.
      That'll knock them off.


  1. Swallows arrived last week John and the ransoms are out now. Glorious day today, but still cold in the wind. TTFN Dickie

  2. We haven't seen any swallows yet but we're away to Spain at the end of the week for a week. A bit bit of fishing in the mountain streams for trout. Lovely place no English speaking people, lovely food and real hospitality from the farmers. The swallows will be here when we get back.

    ATB, John

  3. Have a great trip, sounds splendid, whereabouts John? Boro left it late, 94 min, they all count. Just hoping we can squeeze into that last play off place to make an interesting end - we exceeded all expectations this season, many thought it would be avoiding relegation!! Funny old game, happy hols, Dickie


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