Rain. Hail. Sun. Wind

      A dramatic view from Cambridgeshire into West Norfolk and the weather seems to be gearing itself up for an all out assault on the countryside. There have been squalls steadily passing through all morning but this looks like a really big one that seems to be giving our little part of West Norfolk a real hammering.
      When we finally arrived home the lawn was covered in hailstones the size of swan shot and although they were rapidly melting in the sun they must have been a good size when they landed. When the clouds are covering the sun it's really chilly but when the sun breaks through the temperature races up the thermometer. Well it does until the next dense grey cloud and wild squall comes racing across the sky then down it goes.
      Light switch weather really. Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun.
      April, it's a cruel month.


  1. Totally mad weather BB, it's pouring down now. john

  2. It's ridiculous, getting on my tits.

  3. Crazy weather, I should have added frost, sleet and snow too. Don't get too grumpy.


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