Watching things develop

      Here I am sneakily watching dawn wake up again while drinking a large mug of tea and just watching things inexorably develop behind my favourite transformer box.
      Minnow and Barney, the two Jack Russell Terriers are outside doing what they have to do and hoping to chance on a rat or mouse from the night shift that has forgotten to get tucked up in their sleeping quarters. If they find do find anything resembling a rodent that will wake the neighbours from their slumbers.

      Here is a different view of the same dawn this time looking down on the transformer box. The fields have a good layer of frosty rime on them so there are going to be some cold paws on the this morning's walk, although the sun will burn the frost off soon enough.
      Both of the terriers are back now and trying to look appealing so it must be time to make another cup of tea and get the Terriers version of the 'full English breakfast' on the go.