Well, we did it to Monet

      What a wonderful morning, not a cloud anywhere in the sky and the whole dome of the sky is blue. Fantastic.
      After walking the two Jack Russells it's straight out into the garden to do more hedge work and tidying and the springtime colours look simply stunning in the bright sunlight so no apologies for the gentle slide into the world of chocolate boxes, place mats and jigsaws. We did do it to Monet after all.

      The free hyacinths from last year are putting on good show so with all of the additions this year there should be an absolutely fantastic display next year. Tomorrow it will probably be pouring down and blowing a gale the flowers will be battered to hell and back and the moment will be gone.
      Enjoy it while you can, I'm sure Monet did.
      What about digging a pond and having waterlilies?
      The boss says no. Forget it.