A supply for a season?

      A stock of crow quills for the new coarse fishing season which starts on Thursday June 16, not long now. Years ago we used to use these little floats a lot on the Thames fishing close in right under the rod top or using hempseed on a tight line.
      One of the good things about living in West Norfolk is the ready supply of really good crow quills as long as I get to them before the terriers do because they seem to revel in crunching them up into an unidentifiable and completely unusable mess.
      They don't need to be as fancy or well decorated as they are but that is part of the pleasure of making them. I think this little lot is more of a supply for a lifetime rather than a  supply for a season.


  1. Cor! Those are superb John. Were they a winter project in front of the fire? I have serious float envy.......love them! A real mix of colours too. Ttfn Dickie ps Boro came good in the end!

  2. Yep , float porn. Well done Boro


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