Family allowance

      It's spring and the weeds are, as always, growing faster than any of the other plants in the front garden. Whilst I may not be impressed with the amount of labouring that needs doing our resident Mr and Mrs Robin were absolutely thrilled with the spadework that was providing them with a bird supermarket full of food for the little ones in the nest. This is hidden somewhere in the garden.
      They certainly aren't afraid of me. The spade, fork, trowel and the wheelbarrow become a sort of halfway house where the final destination for food collection is selected.

      Worms, flies, bugs and wood lice were all being picked up until their beaks were bulging  then it was back to the nest to feed the waiting hungry mouths. I suppose life will be like this for them until the little ones are kicked out of the nest to fend for themselves. Not like humans then.
       At that point mum and dad can concentrate on smartening themselves up a bit and putting on a little bit of weight too.