Green man striding

      One of those strange shadows where you see it and the form and shape immediately becomes something else, in the case that something else is the Green Man striding purposefully along.
      I think both of us believe in the Green Man, he's out there somewhere looking after the woods, hedges, fields, moors and the countryside in general. Perhaps he lives in an overgrown orchard near us, or maybe there is more than one Green Man, but if there is there'd have to be a Green Woman too, who knows?
      Sometimes when we are out walking the dogs we feel as if we are being watched but when you look around you never see anything.
      Thinking about it if you looked like a tree you wouldn't stand out in an orchard at all.


  1. Great and spooky at the same time John. The Green Man is something I love and have faith in! All the best Dickie


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