Jack Russell Terrier spotting

      No it isn't a new version of 'spot the ball', that old sixties favourite, just an illustration of how tricky it is to find a terrier when they are off hunting, rummaging and following a scent, they are both in there somewhere too.
      The overgrown orchards are an absolute paradise for them both and you take your eyes off them at your peril. If you do they'll disappear in a flash and you'll be paying a visit to the blackberry briars, nettle patches and dense undergrowth to retrieve them. And that's after having ploughed through the soaking wet cow parsley and long grass. In that green jungle you have no chance of spotting the white flag that is a terriers tail.
      Now a beautifully finished potato field with all the tidy furrows neat lines and before the the plants break through the soil makes life a lot easier for you, if not the terriers.


  1. Terrier heaven TT! You could lose a man in them there furrows, deeper than anything we have round here - I'll think of those next time I shake my blue sachet of salt over my plain crisps! Just heard a cuckoo from our garden, brilliant, put a real spring in my step today. Meant to say how much I liked those Fen scenes, all yellow and reeds, very nice. TTFN, Dickie

  2. It's a jungle out there Dickie, it's bad enough in winter! When the spuds are up that field will be just as bad, the furrows will be like green canyons. John


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